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We Don't Just Provide Solutions,
We Create Exceptional Experiences for Our Clients


We are a leading IT Advisor , Consulting & IT Infrastructure Company in JEDDAH Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our location allows us to offer the highest standard of service in online promotion and AI , Data Science to Clients worldwide at an affordable price.


We are experts in Infotech, Fintech, InfraSecurity, Data Science, AI, ML, Organizational Governance, and Financial and Strategic Management Consultancy at IHOBS.

Our Values

Built on the core value system of trust. value-add & competence, empowering the organizations by making the absolute value realization from the value management perspective

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At IHOBS we maintain highest level of integrity in all of the interaction, which allow us to maintain good relation and trust with our clients.

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We are a client-centric company. Client success is what we always eager to achieve.

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Innovation is something that differ us from other service providers. We constantly innovative concepts and world class leading technology to deliver solutions that benefit our clients.

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We always seek for an excellence in every work we do. With our experienced business consultant and certified adviser it becomes possible to achieve this.

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Our Vision

IHOBS’s vision is to be the leader in the business activities that are promoted by Saudi’s Vision 2030 by democratizing the best advisory to the Saudi/local businesses to flourish & grow multi-fold

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Our Mission

IHOBS, being led by the best industry practices & expertise, would like to become the preferred service partner, specialized in the field of Infotech, Fintech, InfraSecurity, Data Science, AI, ML, Organizational Governance and, Financial and Strategic Management Consultancy by leveraging the best of the breed technology, solutions that are futuristic and sustainable

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Join Us on the Journey

We at IHOBS are more than just consultants; we are your partners in progress.

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Building 8585 2nd Floor, Office 15, Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Road Al Rehab District 3199 Jeddah 23345

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