Convert Every Aspect Of Your Data Into marvelous
Expertise Custom Charts For Better Insights

IHOBS Smart IG Platform leads the industry in providing customized dashboards that offer real-time insights into your business performance. This advanced platform enhances your understanding of customers, tracks progress towards your goals, and optimizes operations for maximum efficiency.

As experienced BI Reporting and Dashboards Providers, we've developed the Smart IG dashboards based on extensive end-user feedback. This iterative process has resulted in highly configurable, user-friendly, and error-free dashboards.

Furthermore, the modular nature of IHOBS Smart IG allows for seamless integration with a wide range of data sources, including various file formats (CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, TEXT, JSON), database connections (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, MS Access, SQLite, PostgreSQL), and compatibility with popular ERP systems (SAP, Oracle), as well as online services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). This adaptability ensures that you can easily access and analyze data from your preferred sources, making data-driven decision-making effortless.

Potential Results That Businesses Can Achieve Through
Bi Reporting And Dashboards Services


Improvement In Data-Driven Decision-Making


Cost Reduction Through Better Resource Allocation


Revenue Growth Through Improved Customer Insights


Operational Efficiency


Customer Satisfaction Through Better Understanding

Custom BI Dashboard Development

Dashboards That Align With Your Objectives

At IHOBS with our dedicated team of BI experts, we are committed to creating customized BI dashboards that align seamlessly with your unique business requirements cause we clearly understand there are no size-fit solutions exist.

These dashboards serve as intuitive, one-stop platforms, presenting your data in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner.

With our custom BI dashboards, complex data is transformed into a clear and concise format, which allows you to derive insights in an easy and efficient manner.

Data Integration and ETL

Seamless Integration Across All The Platforms

At IHOBS we clearly understand that effective BI reporting hinges on the efficient integration of data from various sources like your company's databases, cloud storage, external APIs, spreadsheets, web services, IoT devices, social media platforms, and more.

Our professionals excel in the art of data integration, employing sophisticated Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes.

This not only ensures that your data is collected seamlessly but also that it's transformed and prepared for analysis, maintaining accuracy and consistency throughout the process.

Data Visualization

Converting Raw Data Into Meaningful, Interactive Visual

At IHOBS Data visualization is a cornerstone of our BI services.

We are passionate about converting your raw data into meaningful, interactive visual representations so you can easily uncover hidden insights in an attractive way.

Whether it's dynamic charts, insightful graphs, heat maps, or geographical representations, our team ensures that your data tells a compelling story.

These visualizations are not just aesthetically pleasing but offer a deeper understanding of your business performance and trends, so you make sure yourself you have everything to thrive.

Real-time Data Reporting

Real-Time Data Can Be A Game Changer

As the business environment evolves at a rapid speed, the ability to access real-time data can be a game changer; even wasting a single minute can be costly.

Our BI solutions give you with up-to-date insights, allowing you to respond quickly to market swings and evolving business dynamics.

This agility has the potential to provide a considerable competitive edge.

Self-Service BI

User-Friendly Interfaces For Self-Service BI Solutions

We believe that democratizing data access inside your business is essential.

We provide straightforward, user-friendly interfaces for our self-service BI solutions, allowing non-technical workers to generate reports and dashboards.

This not only alleviates the pressure on your IT staff, but it also promotes a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout your firm.

Data Analytics

Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, And Prescriptive Analytics

At IHOBS, we provide data analytics services that include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

We mine your data for significant patterns and trends, assisting you in uncovering important insights that drive strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

That will make sure you have everything to thrive in this data driven era.

Looking For A Reliable Smart IG Service Provider

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Data Ingestion

enchanged efficiency

Redifing Your Way Of Seeing Data

Charts At Your Finger Tips

Customized BI Reporting and Dashboards

Designation-Specific Insights for Informed Decision-Making.

CEO's require high-level summaries that are succinct. Key performance indicators (KPIs) including sales, profit margins, and market share can be shown on dashboards.

Senior Executives can make well-informed decisions that are strategically aligned by using visualizations to display trends and forecasts.

Dashboards can give an overview of the performance of the business globally and offer insights into industry trends to make well-informed decision making.

Interactive dashboards allow managers to monitor department-specific indicators such as sales success, project status, or inventory levels.

Effective resource allocation based on data-driven insights can be aided by BI reports.

Managers can define and track departmental goals, as well as measure performance against them.

IHOBS Smart BI Features

enchanged efficiency

Worried About Dedicated Industry

Our industry expertise

Real-time production data is changing the manufacturing industry dramatically. Let's consider several manufacturing analytics use cases that real-time machine connectivity has made possible in manufacturing.

Business performance management

Track key performance indicators to identify business issues

Price Optimization

Accelerate and improve business decision-making

Optimize business processes to increase productivity and efficiency

Analyse customer data to improve marketing and sales programs

Warranty Analysis

Product Development

Managing Supply Chain Risk

Optimizing Production Quality

Forecasting Demand

Refining the Supply Chain

Warehouse Management

Business performance management

Enhance the marketing




Health Tech


Logistics & Transportation

Restaurants & Hospitality

Food & Beverage



Smart IG
Organizational Strategy

enchanged efficiency

Why IHOBS Smart IG For your Business

Dedicated Industry
Leading Experts

Tailored BI Reporting &
Dashboard Solutions


Client-Centric Approach


Factors to Consider When
Choosing a Smart IG Dashboard Service Provider?

Data analytics, reporting, and dashboard development are all skills that service providers should have.

Proven track record of expertise and experience in Business Intelligence (BI).

Solutions should meet your specific requirements, providing customized dashboards and reports

Solutions should be customized to meet your needs and provide dashboards and insights that are unique to you.

Think about if the supplier provides the whole range of business intelligence services.


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