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Transform The Data In Your Organization Into Useful Insights With The leading Data science consultancy firm, And Achieve Success Like Never Before.

Do you want to use the power of data to propel your business forward? There is no need to look any further! Our Data Science Consulting Services will help you discover hidden insights in your data, make informed decisions, and achieve your business objectives.

Services We Offer in Data Science Consulting


Data Analysis and Visualization

With the help of various emerging technologies our data scientists provides in depth report from your datasets to uncover various valuable data.

Our data scientists with decades of experience in different industries use carious tools and technologies to transform raw data into actionable visualizations.


Predictive Modeling

Based on decades of experience and various dynamics situation our data scientists are experts in creating predictive models to predict future trends and are able to make decision based on reports

Our data scientists always makes sure predictive models are based on your actual project requirements.


Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning algorithms are designed and implemented by us to automate processes, optimize operations, and improve user experiences.

Utilise the power of machine learning on its peak with our tailor fit solution.


Data Strategy and Road-Mapping

Our data scientists always makes sure that our data strategies are always align with your business goals and burliness objective.

To guide your organization in leveraging data for growth and innovation Our data scientists create data tailor-fit road-maps.


Big Data Analytics

Utilise the power of big data on its peak with our with our expertise in handling and analyzing large amount of data.

Based on decades of experience and various dynamics situation our data scientists use scalable technologies to analyze, store, and extract information from large amounts of data.


Data-driven Insights and Reporting

At IHOBS Our data scientists provides comprehensive reporting covering each and every aspect of business with intuitive dashboard.

Access real-time data-driven insights to track performance, monitor KPIs, and make informed strategic decisions.

Why Choose IHOBS For Data Science Consulting Services

We at IHOBS, Industry leading Business Consulting Company in JEDDAH Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
With Certified Experts Having Decades of Experience

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Experienced consultant
Trusted Advisor
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Decision Making
Flexible Engagement Models
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Expertise in Various Industries
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Let's explore together how IHOBS Data Science Consulting Services
can help your business to achieve its goal

Our Allied Data Science Services Include

Data Management Services

IHOBS Data Management Services Include:

Data Integration - Manage multiple date and and get unified view of your data with IHOBS data integration services.

Data Quality Management - IHOBS's world-class data quality management services help you maintain accurate, trustworthy data by spotting and fixing mistakes and anomalies.

Data Governance - Solid data governance policies are established by IHOBS in order to ensure data protection, compliance, and accountability.

Data Analytics - Leverage advanced analytics tools to extract valuable insights from your data and drive informed decision-making.

Master Data Management - Get highly accurate data with IHOBS data management for better decision making.

Data Security - Data security is no longer options for today's businesses. IHOBS data security make sure that your data is secure from breaches

Data Strategy Consulting -IHOBS expert consultant and advisors provides tailor fit solution that’s perfectly aligned with your business.

AI Development And Consulting Services

IHOBS AI Services Include:

AI Development And Consulting Services

AI Model Evaluation and Enhancement - AI models are not static; they require continuous monitoring and improvement. We offer AI model evaluation and enhancement services to ensure that your models remain accurate and effective over time. This includes monitoring data drift, retraining models, and incorporating user feedback for ongoing refinement.

AI Integration - Realizing AI's full potential requires seamless interaction with your current systems. Our specialists make sure that AI melds effortlessly with your systems, programs, and processes. We design APIs, integrate clouds, and guarantee compliance with data security and privacy laws.

Data Analytics and Visualization - Success depends on making decisions based on data. With the help of our data analytics and visualization services, you can gain useful knowledge. We gather, purge, and analyze your data and then produce interactive dashboards and reports that make difficult-to-understand data understandable. You can then spot trends, streamline procedures, and come to wise strategic decisions.

Benefits of Choosing IHOBS for Data Science Services

Easily Access Data

Cost Control

Customized solution

Highly Secure

Increase In Profit

Process We Follow For Data Science Consulting Services
To Make Sure You Have everything thrive

01 Initial Discussion

As a premier advisory and consulting service provider, we meet with you to learn about your real company needs, requirements, and obstacles.

To better understand company goal and what they want to achieve

To understand, industry, competition and market

Above process helps us to decide to take personalize decision.

02 Assessment

Our industry leaders with decades of industry experience creates thorough analysis of operation.

This helps us to find pain point areas and improvement areas also.

04 Implimentation

We helps you throughout implementation process.

We provide you implementation assistance whether it is technology or operation.

03 Strategy Development

Based on our reports analysis our experts creates a tailored fit strategy align to business.

We also define road-map of implementation here in this step.


Regular reports.

Full transparency is provided no matter at what stage we are with your project.


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