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We at IHOBS provide a wide range of Managed Cloud Services

Cloud has become a crucial pillar of digital operations in today's dynamic and data-driven business world. While cloud technology provides tremendous flexibility and scalability, it also brings a slew of new issues for businesses.

it can be difficult to navigate the complicated terrain of cloud infrastructure, data management, security, and cost control. Our Managed Cloud Services can help with that.

Delivering dependable and customized solutions that meet your unique requirements is the mission of our team of seasoned professionals.

We can help:

Increased Complexity of Cloud Management

Lack of In-House Expertise

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

Frequent Software Updates For Reducing The Risk Of Vulnerabilities.

Resource Scalability For Preventing Over-provisioning or Under-utilization

With IHOBS Managed Cloud Services

it can be your numbers also


More Revenue


or Higher Diligent Cost-Saving Strategies


or More Improved Return on Investment (ROI)


Increase in Performance Optimization


of Management's Time and Effort Savings

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Increase the possibilities of your cloud infrastructure while reducing its complexity. Our Cloud Infrastructure Management services assure the organization, security, and scalability of your resources. We do the heavy lifting so you may concentrate on your main business goals.

Data Backup and Recovery

With our Data Backup and Recovery services, you can safeguard your vital data and applications. We use strong backup systems and quick recovery procedures to ensure your data is always safe and accessible, minimizing downtime and data loss concerns.

Monitoring and Performance Optimization

With proactive monitoring and optimization, you can stay ahead of problems. Our professionals regularly monitor your cloud environment to ensure peak performance, resource optimization, and rapid problem resolution.

Cloud Migration

With our Cloud Migration services, you can seamlessly migrate your apps and workloads to the cloud. Our professional staff will walk you through the whole relocation process, ensuring that your business activities are not disrupted.

Database Management

Manage your cloud databases effectively, assuring data quality, security, and availability. Our Database Management services remove the hassle of managing database systems, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Managed Cloud Environment

With our end-to-end solutions, take advantage of a completely managed cloud environment. We manage every facet of your cloud operations, from applications to infrastructure, guaranteeing a high-performance and safe environment.

Managed Cloud Applications

Entrust us with the administration of your cloud-based apps. Our professionals make sure your apps are secure, optimized, and up to date so you can give your users the greatest possible experience.

Managed Cloud Foundations

With the help of our Managed Cloud Foundations services, create a solid cloud foundation. We assist you with establishing the proper governance, security, and infrastructure to ensure that your cloud environment can grow and change in tandem with your company.

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Why Work With IHOBS as Your
Managed Cloud Services Provider?

Expertise and Experience

In IHOBS, With a group of committed cloud specialists, we can offer an extensive range of knowledge and experience. Our experts have a proven record of delivering s successful cloud solutions regardless of the industry and size of the business.

24/7 Support

As a renowned managed cloud service provider in Middle Eastern countries our clients are not just clients they are our partners their success is what we always prioritize and for that, we go beyond regular business hours. Our support team is available around the clock to address any issues, provide assistance, and ensure your cloud environment is running smoothly.

Tailored Solutions

With a team of dedicated cloud experts, we at IHOBS are fully aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud services. For this reason, we collaborate closely with you to comprehend your particular business requirements and objectives and provide tailored cloud solutions that support your goals.


With a team of dedicated cloud experts, we at IHOBS fully recognize that your company is always changing and that your cloud services ought to adapt too. We provide all-inclusive scalable solutions that expand your company and let you easily adjust to new requirements without adding needless complexity.

Cost Efficiency

At IHOBS, we understand what it takes to earn a single penny, which is why we use your single cent with care. We assist you in optimizing your cloud resources so that you get the most out of your investment. Our cost-effective solutions are intended to eliminate waste while improving performance.

Enhanced Managed Cloud Solutions

As part of our managed cloud services, IHOBS offers a full suite of solutions to optimize and secure your cloud environment. To protect your cloud infrastructure, we provide stronger security measures and rapid incident response services.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Managed Cloud Service Provider

When it comes to choosing the right Managed Cloud Service Provider for an organization, it can be challenging. The right partner can significantly impact your business's performance, security, and scalability, but this can be challenging cause everyone is out there and provides the same kind of cloud services. Don’t worry we got you covered, we have a few key pointers, and with the help that you can make informed choices while choosing your managed cloud service provider.

Expertise and Skills

What kind of cloud services you provide?

How can I know your experts have good hold on services you provide?

How they have gained a expertise on cloud services you provide?

What kind of industries you have worked till now?

Are they experts with tools and workflows of your industry?

Transparency and Control

Do you provide detailed breakdown of your pricing structure for all services offered?

Do you provide a detailed, itemized invoice that details the cost of each service used?

What are your policies in the event that any additional or hidden fees arise?

How do you handle billing for unanticipated increases in resource consumption or usage spikes?

Can we quickly change and scale our resources up or down to meet the needs of our business?

Services Offerings

What kind of cloud services do you offer?

Can you describe the exact aspects of your service packages?

What are your policies in the event that any additional or hidden fees arise?

Do you provide data storage services? What is the storage capacity and redundancy of your services?

Can you host and maintain our cloud-based applications?

Do you offer security and compliance services, such as data encryption and access controls?

Cutting-Edge Technology Enabling
Your Cloud Success

Why Microsoft Azure

Easily Extend Your IT Environment To The Cloud.

Easily Integrate With Wide Range Of Microsoft Products

Hybrid Cloud Solutions To Easily Integrate On-Premises Data Centers With Cloud Resources.

Multiple Data Centers In Multiple Region For Better User Experience.

Easily Grow Your Resources As Your Needs Grow


Full Access Of Information So Employee Can Work From Anywhere.

Quick Collaboration So Many User Can Work At Project At Time.

When Users Accept New Features, There Is Less Upheaval.

A Great Option For Apps That Need To Be Responsive And Have Good Performance.

Easily Third-Party Tools and Applications Deployment.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Global Cloud Leader When It Comes To Cloud Computing .

Comprehensive Service Catalog Whether You Want Than For Innovation Or For Specific Needs Of Your Business.

Strong Ecosystem A Great Option For Apps That Need To Be Responsive And Have Good Performance.

Strong Emphasis On Security And Features.

Why Oracle Cloud

Easy To Migrate Critical Workloads Without Worrying.

Comprehensive Service Catalog Whether You Want Than For Innovation Or For Specific Needs Of Your Business.

Strong Ecosystem A Great Option For Apps That Need To Be Responsive And Have Good Performance.

Strong Emphasis On Security And Features.

What Benefits You Will Get With
Managed Cloud Services?

At IHOBS we always make sure that our dedicated experts should match your requirements, so they can help your business grow seamlessly in many ways.

Expertise and Support

Cost Savings

Security and Compliance

Data Backup and Recovery

Performance Optimization

Migrations and Upgrades

Factors to Consider When Choosing a
Managed Cloud Services Provider

Organization has expertise in your industry and specializes in the services.

Organization Have technologies relevant to your business or not.

Check the reputation of the organization in the industry

Make sure their services align with you business objective and goals.

Should be in a top of the security and compliance.

Cost and pricing structure should align with your business budget.

They should be available round a clock.

Organization should be transparent in terms of services.

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Dedicated Industry Expertise?


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